Will the beacon of light shine again from the lighthouse on the Quincy Bay

Employees of the Moorman Manufacturing company back in the early 1970s built this lighthouse for a company promotion only to later be moved to Quinsippi Island

It's been a part of the Quincy riverfront for the last 40 years and now it's in need of some help.

the old lighthouse that sits on the eastern shore of Quinsippi Island.


he lighthouse hasn't shown it's beacon at night for the past several months and the Quincy Park District isn't sure how much it's going to cost to repair.


They realized that it was no longer working a little while ago and they've had a contractor looking at it, because it's obviously something that you don't always fix. It doesn't come up a lot. So they're having to look into exactly how much it would cost and once we have that information, we'll be able to make a better decision on what we'll do for the next step," Jessica Cate, who is the communications supervisor for the Quincy Park District said.

The old lighthouse was a gift to the park district from what was then the
Moorman Manufacturing company back in the early 19
70s. Company employees built the lighthouse for a company promotion and after the year long "S
et sales for the 70s" promotion was over, the lighthouse moved from 30th and Chestnut to it's current location.


We hope for it to be working very very soon, it's still a very nice piece, it's a decorative piece. People can still see it during the daytime, so it works out in that way and then hopefully it will get lit for the evenings," Cate said.

So for now, the park district is waiting on the final report from the contractor to see how much the cost will be. But for many, they hope the lighthouse will set sail once again with it's beacon shining brightly across the Quincy bay.

Cate also said if the cost of repairs is higher then what's anticipated, the park district may ask for private donations to help with getting the old lighthouse back lit once again at night.