Will new Illinois immunization rules affect your child?

Research and long term studies determined a booster can keep students from catching the disease.

You're probably getting ready to purchase back to school supplies for this year.

But you still need to make sure your kids receive all of their immunizations.

This school year, Illinois health officials require your kids receive more than just one dose of a few vaccinations before they enter the classroom.

"It's very important that children get the proper immunizations at the proper time," Beth Thomas, a public health nurse at the Adams County Health Department, said.

She's been busy giving immunization shots to kids heading back to school.

This year, Thomas is required to administer an additional vaccination to sixth and ninth graders.

"The newest requirement is for a booster dose of the varicella or chicken pox vaccine," Thomas said.

Katrina Eston took her son, Bradley, to the health department to receive his second dose of varicella.

She feels a second dose isn't necessary, but wanted Bradley's medical record to be up-to-date.

"Not a double, but it is best to get it taken care of," Eston said.

Thomas says research shows a booster can keep students from catching the virus.

"The vaccine is more effective when there is a booster dose," Thomas said.

Eston is thankful for the nurses at the health department for all their help.

She urges all parents to get their kid's shots taken care of before it's too late.

"Just get it checked out,â?? Eston said. â??If you have to get your shots, come as soon as possible."

This is not a new policy for kids entering kindergarten.

They're required to get two doses for the chicken pox.

They're also required to get two doses of the MMR vaccine, which prevents measles, mumps and rubella.

If you need to get your kids' vaccinations up-to-date, you can contact your local county health department.

Check with your child's school if you have questions about requirements.