Will Illinois keep its regional superintendents?

Whether the state of Illinois will lose its regional superintendents is still up in the air.

Last Wednesday, Governor Quinn announced major budget cuts in the education sector. That would include the state's 45 regional superintendents.

We spoke with Debbie Niederhauser, who's in charge of the Pike and Adams County school districts. She says Illinois regional superintendents held a statewide meeting Tuesday to discuss their potential cuts.

"Chris Cook, the state superintendent, and his assistant Susie Morrison, were both there letting us know that their budget that they've proposed actually had an increase for the regional offices because of the expanding duties and jobs we've taken on and they see the value in that and they're working hard to fight for their budget," said Niederhauser.

"I spoke to a state legislator and he said, 'you know that $13 million that Quinn has said would go back into the classroom,' he said, 'in fact, that $13 million would not be enough to build the state bureaucracy to replicate what we do, so the fact that they say we're going to save money, it may not come to be," said Niederhauser.

"One of the superintendents I spoke to said, 'I don't want someone from Springfield that knows nothing about who I am or who we are and what we stand for coming to my recognition visit, my health life safety inspection,' and the fact of the matter is, if it's coming from the state level, it will be a far removed service," said Niederhauser.

Niederhauser says at this point, there's still no specific answer as to what will get cut. She's told her staff to move ahead as if nothing had happened with the budget address.