Wider Opportunities helps adults with disabilities

Wider Opportunities started in 1986 at the Lewis County Fairgrounds. In the mid 90s they moved to their current location in Labelle, Missouri.

They work with adults with disabilities ... finding them jobs, teaching them skills that they need for their job and life.

Wider employees drive them to jobs or keep them busy at the center.

One of the main activities is making rugs out of old jeans. The rugs are then sold at the center or at festivals.

"It brings more income into Wider, it keeps them busy. It teaches them skills and they go with us when we go to festivals and they help see the rugs," Peggy Childress said.

She says everyone does something with the rugs, from cutting to sewing to tying them.

About 18 adults come to the center and are given opportunities they might not normally get

Childress said if it wasn't for Wider Opportunities, it is likely these adults would be stuck sitting at home or would be in a nursing home.

Wider Opportunities was one of the organizations that received a Weather Radio through KHQA, the center did not have one but is happy they do now.