Who's liable for faulty appliances?

As we've told you here on KHQA, many Maytag dishwashers and front-loading washing machines have been recalled in recent weeks for fire hazards.

Now the company is offering money toward a new appliance or a replacement part if your machine has been recalled. But what happens if you use the machine and it malfunctions, or you don't even know it's been recalled?

We spoke with John Dozier of Dozier Insurance in Quincy, to find out how you'd be covered if that happens. Here's what we learned. In most cases, if you report the appliance as being on the recalled list, you will not be able to receive coverage if it malfunctions. But if you were not aware of the recall, you should be covered.

"If it should damage your home, you may have a claim under your homeowner's policy. So first, present the claim. Your company may pay for the damages to your home, but then subregate against the manufacturer for the damages that their equipment caused. And the insurance company funds may be refunded, as well as your deductible," Dozier said.

Of course your coverage will vary depending on your policy and deductibles, and what kind of damage was done.

To find out if your dishwasher or washing machine has been recalled, visit and click on the recall link at the bottom right hand corner.