Who's at work on Thanksgiving?

This year, Quincy firefighters met up at Holy Cross Friary.

Thanksgiving is typically a holiday that reminds everyone to think about all the things that they are thankful for. This year, think about the people that gave up spending time with their family, to make sure others could have a safe and happy holiday.

"We know with this job, it's part of the job, and these guys, we live together a third of our lives. We're here every third day so this is kind of an extended family for us, and like you said, its part of the job and we're used to it," Firefighter Jerry Smith said.

Firefighters and emergency responders are sometimes busier around the holidays than on other days. Decorations and cooking big meals contribute to extra calls. Quincy Firefighters still find a way to enjoy a traditional turkey dinner.

"The entire shift gets together at one place and we have a meal. Usually one station is in charge of the turkey and the rest of the stations bring in all the trimmings," Smith explained.

Firefighters were not the only ones on the job. Everyone from grocery store workers to gas station attendants showed up to work.

Without someone watching the register at gas stations families would have a hard time filling up to go visit relatives, or picking up other essentials.

"... So people have a place to get ice and soda, and everything else they forgot. And you never know what's going to be open," gas station attendant Damien Miller said.

Many retail workers were also on the job, prepping for Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.