Who will become Wyaconda's mayor?

UPDATE: April 12 at 10:45 a.m.

Still no word on who will be the next mayor of Wyaconda.

The two candidates decided Monday night that they would hold a special election.

Clark County Clerk Leih Ann Hayden says she will set the special election date for Tuesday, May 3, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Original Story: April 7 at 11:30 a.m.

You would think that being the only name on the ballot for mayor of Wyaconda, Mo. would make you a shoe-in.

We still don't know who the next mayor of Wyaconda, Missouri will be.

Tuesday's election ended in a tie.

But there was only one name on the ballot.

Heather Williams has lived in Wyaconda, Missouri for the past six years.

She says she loves the town and that's why she put her name on the ballot for mayor.

She thought she'd be the only candidate.

But as Tuesday's election got closer, the current mayor, Chad Yocum, decided he wanted to keep his seat, so he got certified as a write-in candidate.

When the votes were counted, both candidates got 27 votes.

Now the city council will decide who should lead the town for the next four years.

"When I first found out, I was very devastated, to say the least, that there was actually an opportunity for us to tie. I thought for sure I was going to win because I was the only name on the ballot," said Williams.

About 40 percent of Wyaconda's registered voters went to the polls Tuesday.

That's a high turnout for a town of just more than 300 people in an off-year election.

Half of those votes went to her and Williams hopes she comes out the winner in the end.

"When people asked me why you're running for mayor, I was like, because I care. Why do you want to be mayor of Wyaconda? Because I care and I love this town and it's about time somebody that cares about this town is in charge of the town, Williams said.

Williams took her candidacy seriously.

She conducted a survey of town residents to see what issues were important to them and street improvements and infrastructure topped the list.

But now, she doesn't know if she'll ever get the chance to make her plans and ideas come true.

We tried to contact Chad Yocum, but we weren't able to reach him.

The Wyaconda council will meet Friday morning.

We'll let you know if the council chooses a mayor then.