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      Who says we're too old?

      The job market continues to change in America.

      Older adults are getting an opportunity to go back into the workforce or stay in their current jobs longer.

      But many of them lack the skills needed for today's competitive job market.

      A group of senior citizens took their futures into their own hands at the first of 5 Experience Works workshops in Hannibal this week.

      Diane Simbro is the employment training coordinator for the program.

      During this session she taught the group how to use things like ... soft skills ... to improve their lives and increase job opportunities.

      "It teaches people the importance of attitude, communication, responsibility and basically taking responsibility of their future." Simbro said.

      Simbro says that the work world has changed and older adults are either staying on their jobs longer or getting back into the workforce.

      "This type of program will give them the retraining they need to come into the workforce of today. This program that we do will be the entry into more development for like the technology skills and things like that that this generation needs," Simbro said.

      Experience Works also offers more than 500 online computer training courses.

      Theresa Kindhart of Palmyra says that the courses have opened up new opportunities for her.

      "I have really enjoyed it. I've learned so much," Kindhart said. "I think the main thing is the computer experience. I needed that. And I'm not good at it but I've come so far since I've been with Experience Works. And then to have a job at the museum has just been wonderful."

      Diane Simbro says one of the most important things the program does is help people get over the fear of going back into the workforce.

      "They've had self-esteem issues, they've had self-confidence issues, and we help to develop those too," Simbro said. "By doing their training at a training site that we put them in, that gives them an opportunity to build those skills and a lot of times that's all they need."

      Experience Works began in 1965 as the program entitled "Green Thumb".

      Since then it has spread to 30 states and Puerto Rico.