Who gets your vote for President?

Do you know who you're voting for for President?

Do you really know where you stand politically?

If not, here's some help.

There's a website called that gives you a series of questions about issues facing this country. You answer how you feel, and how strongly you feel about that particular issue. At the end of a couple dozen questions, it will show you which candidate you side with the most.

This presidential election is the first one since Facebook became really popular. If you're on Facebook, it's hard not to log on these days and find some kind of political bashing of both candidates. Remember with social networking, you're not getting the full story.

"You can use stats, numbers, ideas to manipulate them to be what you want. That happens a lot in social media. You only get that little tiny piece. It's important to look at context as well. What is this coming from, what is the bigger story?" Dr. Megan Boccardi with Quincy University said.

There is another way you can learn about how your beliefs fall in line with the candidates.

Quincy University is hosting a mock debate on Monday, October 1 at 7:30 p.m.

It will be held in the main dining room on campus, and the public is invited.

Professors will act out the parts of the candidates ... you can even ask your own questions.