Who are the biggest red light camera violators?

Hannibal red light camera / KHQA file photo

Hannibal has had red light cameras for several years.

Sometimes it seems that the largest number of tickets is going to a very specific driver ... semi truck drivers, but we found out that is not the case.

60% of offenders in Hannibal are out of state passenger cars.

29,000 vehicles pass through Hannibal on Highway 61 every day. That adds up to 10.5 million cars a year. Out of all those cars, Hannibal police tell us that they only documented 10,165 violations in 2010, with only 4,460 tickets actually issued.

Unlike other red light camera systems, Hannibal's is an enhanced system that not only takes a photo of the car's license plate, but one of the driver and a video of the violation in progress. Needless to say, although it's hard to fight a red light camera ticket in court, only blatant violators are actually getting these tickets.

We found out that if your car is already in the intersection when the light turns red and the red light camera is activated, the Hannibal police will give you the benefit of the doubt.

This doesn't give you an excuse to push the envelope though. If you don't have enough time to stop at a red light, you are going too fast police say.

Also, you will see warning signs well ahead of intersections equipped with red light cams.

The intersection of Hwy. 61 and Market St. has Hannibal's newest red light cam, which was installed last year. It also has the highest number of violations.

We asked our Facebook fans several days ago if they've ever gotten caught by a red light cam.

Rhonda Hummel told us, "Nope, I'm a good girl, I don't run red"

About making a right turn at a red light, Paul A Marshall wrote on our Facebook page, "From the law on the books in Missouri, it's only legal when you approach the intersection cautiously. Pedestrians crossing and any traffic approaching the light still have the right-of-way. Also local ordinances might prohibit right turns on red so it's best to contact your local authorities as it's not required to post "No Right Turn On Red" signs." He said he got his information online.

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