Whitetail Properties booms after humble start in Pittsfield

In 2007, Whitetail Properties was born.

It all started with an idea. A thought that would build on one of the Tri-States strongest attributes: this is deer country. And in 2007, Whitetail Properties was born.

"The concept of our business was to bring buyers and sellers of rural property together in one common hub and marketplace, because there wasn't anybody doing that at the time," Wes McConnell, co-owner of Whitetail Properties said.

Located in Pittsfield, it's a real estate agency that specializes in hunting grounds. A perfect fit for one of the most populous deer counties in the country.

"Pike County is the number 2 county in the nation. The number one county is Buffalo County, Wisconsin - but what's great about Pike and Adams County is that they're centrally located," McConnell said.

What started as a 10-person operation in three states has become much, much bigger in just 6 years. Whitetail now has nearly 100 agents selling in 15 states.

"Last year, we sold right around a quarter of a billion dollars in real estate, and to date, we've sold over 250 thousand acres worth of real estate from Minnesota to Texas all the way over to Georgia," McConnell said.

The company's growth forced the business to relocate to a larger building earlier this year. On the second floor, you'll find the other branch of the business: the television studio. Not only does Whitetail sell property, it produces content for the Sportsman Channel, which reaches 45 million households.

"The television show does a great job of really showing people who we are," McConnell added. "We're outdoorsmen, we love land, we love it as an investment, we love it for the way it brings our families together and that's who our clientele are."

McConnell says the business has been blessed with good people. And that's what the agency wants to do - bring more people to the area who share their passion. It's a passion that's helped turn Whitetail Properties into one of the Tri-States biggest success stories.

"Our business is deer. So it's great when you can combine something that you're passionate about with an opportunity to earn a living. Every day is business and every day is deer," he said.

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