Where prom dresses go to die... or live again

Ever wonder where old prom dresses go to die? We found out where many of them have gone in the Quincy area. To the prop closet of your local community theater. But, they don't die. They live again.

Volunteers spent Saturday cleaning and organizing the prop closet at Quincy's Community Theater. They do this about once a year. It allows them to get a good inventory of items they have and items they might need. The items get separated into piles of things to keep or throw away, but not much from these closets gets tossed.

"You have to be very frugal in the theater. So, we want to keep almost everything. So, usually if things are of the extraordinary, or the bizarre, we absolutely want to keep because they can come in handy. Certain things that are modern and daily, we can easily find and pull," said Managing Artistic Director Lenny Bart.

The next production the theater has is Fiddlesticks, which will run September 23rd through the 25th and September 29th through October 2nd.

Bart says the group is looking for old traveling trunks. If you have any you would like to donate, you can call the Quincy Community Theater.