Where did the red light cameras go?

Drivers who use the intersection at West Ely Rd. and Pleasant St. commit the most traffic violations along the US 61 corridor in Hannibal.

That's why, in 2008, the city installed four red light cameras at that location hoping to catch drivers in the act. Three other intersections also received red light cameras.

Just recently, if you take a look around, they've disappeared from the West Ely and Pleasant location. They were removed in July when MoDOT began construction at the intersection. New turning lanes left little room for the cameras, but now that the construction is complete, the city wants them back.

City Manager Jeff LaGarce says the cameras have reduced traffic violations by two-thirds since their installation. They've also created what he calls, a Halo effect.

"We have some signals out there without the cameras, but people tend to abide by them because of the intersections that do have them," LaGarce said. "So, we're seeing better overall safety patterns."

There's no timeline for when drivers may see these cameras back up and running. In the meantime, red light cameras at the other three intersections along US 61 have not changed.

LaGarce says the four cameras at the West Ely and Pleasant intersection bring in about $150,000 a year for the city of Hannibal.