What's shining bright at the Avenue of Lights

The Avenue of Lights is open everyday until New Years Day from 6 p.m.. to 9:30 p.m..

Linda Groves has been with the Avenue of Lights since in started in 1999 and she's seen first hand how the show has evolved over the years.

"Every year we say 'we're going to put something away,' and we never do," Groves said. "It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger."

As the creative director of the event, Groves tries to add new displays every year and you'll never guess where she gets her ideas from.

"I use coloring books a lot," Groves said. "I find pictures in coloring books and think 'this will make a good display' ... We just try to pick things that people will like."

Some of the displays are purchased, but most of them are hand built.

"Bob Scott and his crew created most of these things," Groves said. "I put it down on paper and they make it happen."

One of the newest displays is this Penguin drive thru.

"This is something that kids like and it's all about kids, kids of all ages," Groves said.

But of course the classic displays remain like the snowflake tunnel and dinosaur land.

Groves and the Avenue of Lights team voluntarily put the show on every year and it takes almost two months to set up. It's time well spent.

"The people that stop and say 'thank you so much for doing this and it was wonderful,' or they honk their horn and they leave and give me a thumbs up, that makes everything worth while all the work and preparation we put into it," Groves said. "Every year I hear the same thing 'this is the best year ever,' and that makes me feel really good."

The Avenue of Lights is open everyday until New Years Day from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

It's $8 per vehicle.