What's next for O'Shea's Bar and Grill in Quincy?

O'Shea's fire started in this wall between the main restaurant and patio and spread to upstairs, electrical in nature.

A layer of water and soot now fills the inside of O'Shea's Bar and Grill after

an electrical fire

swept through the second floor of the building Friday night.

Quincy firefighters were able to contain most of the flames to the vacant apartment above the bar and grill, but the downstairs took in heavy smoke and water damage.

Owners Stan Whelan and Ted Wemhoener were on site Saturday morning assessing the damage. From the pool tables, to the lights that hung above to the dining area on both sides of the bar, almost everything will have to be replaced.

Whelan expects the cleanup and restoration process will take about three months, leaving some of his 22 employees without jobs.

"I've been in touch with all of them and they know they'll have a job when we do reopen and they've been great about it," Whelan said.

O'Shea's opened two years ago in Quincy.