What's next for electrical aggregation in Quincy?

On election night, voters in Quincy said "yes" to an electrical aggregation plan.

The plan will allow another supplier to provide electricity to residents at a much cheaper rate.

The supplier would still use Ameren lines and all service calls would be handled by Ameren.

Quincy Mayor John Spring said he is glad to move forward with this project.

"Now we're in the process of putting together all the information needed to secure a supplier to get a good rate. In the meantime we are required by law to have two public forums. These will both be coming shortly. We'll do one on a different night other than city council. Then we'll do the other on city council night," Spring said.

Residents are encouraged to attend the forums to voice their concerns and ask questions.

There will be at least two chances to opt out of the program.

If all goes as planned, residents will see a reduction in their bill sometime in January or February of next year.