What's new at Quincy University?

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We spoke with President Phil Conover along with other educators in the university to find out some of the latest news around campus.

"We are an integral supplier of workforce to our industry and businesses here in this community. 94% of our graduates who want jobs out of college, get them," Conover said.

Not only is Q.U. feeding the workforce it's feeding the local economy.

"The economic impact is about $53 million dollars for Quincy University," said Dr. Cynthia Haliemun, Dean of the School of Business.

That's a lot of cash for businesses, but many graduates stay.

"47% of the students that come from outside our region to Quincy University, ends up staying here in our market and going to work. Now that's a huge number," explained Conover.

The new university president will have a lot on his plate, including enrollment numbers.

"Right now we're gathering data. Enrollment management today is really driven by data and outcomes. We're looking right now at what we did last year. We're looking up the data and seeing what it tells us about opportunities where we could improve our operations. Where we can improve our outreach," said Tom Oliver, Vice President of Enrollment.

And the biggest challenge for any campus is getting students to call school - "home".

"Getting the students involved on campus. Getting them at our games. Having them start clubs and organizations, taking other leadership positions and having them be part of the Q-U community as a whole," said Dr. Christine Tracy, Dean of Students and Academic Success.

President Conover says he is anxious to see the year unfold.

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