What does the future of renewable energy look like?

UPDATED: January 13, 6:16 p.m.

A wind farm could be one step closer to being built in Adams County.

The announcement was made at Wednesday night's Great River Economic Development Foundation meeting.

The next step is for an application to be submitted for company to build the farm.

It's a $300 million project.

That money could be rolled over into the community 3 or 4 times.

It would also bring around 200 construction jobs and 15 permanent jobs once the turbines are up.

But it will benefit more than just that.

"The biggest entities that benefit from that are the local school districts. It wouldn't help Quincy schools that much, but the county schools it would help greatly. They'd probably have so much money they wouldn't know what to do and could possibly even reduce the property tax that the people out there would pay," said Mike McLaughlin.

The Adams County board is looking around the Clayton area and north to build the wind farm.


The Great River Economic Development Foundation announced plans for Prairie Mills Wind Farm at Wednesday night's annual meeting .

But what does the future of renewable energy in Adams County look like?

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