What do you do when you get pulled over?

What do you do when you get pulled over?

It's an instant reaction when some people see a police car.

Chief Eddie Bogue is with the Palmyra Police Department.

He said police officer incidents and shootings in Missouri were a big problem in 2016.

"Every scenario, every situation can be different," Bogue explained.

Bogue pointed out for officers, it's a feeling of not knowing who or what the driver is capable of doing.

"That's why we're trained to be on our guard because we don't know the mind set of the person we're stopping," Bogue mentioned.

This moment of suspense can be smoothed over according to Missouri Representative Gretchen Bangert.

She's now introduced a bill that would help people know how to act when they encounter police.

"How do I act when I'm getting pulled over, what documents do I need, do I reach over in the glove box, do I dig in my person, do I keep my hands on the steering wheel, what would those steps be?"

If passed, Bangert said the law would let drivers take an additional test when they receive their license.

She explained the test will consist of scenarios and a video segment which displays real life situations.

"Hoping that this education piece will make them knowledgeable and a little bit more comfortable and feel like they can have a conversation with that police officer."
"That should help ease tensions on both sides," Bogue said.

The bill is now in the hands of the speaker of the house.

It will be assigned to a committee and will continue discussions after spring break.

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