Welcome home Alisa Maier

Suspect, 38-year-old Paul S. Smith of Hawk Point, Mo., took his own life. / KMOV file photo

It was a nation wide search for four year old Alisa Maier...

And Saturday, 4 days after her rescue, family and friends held a celebration bar-be-que to welcome the little girl back home.

Family and friends cooked out, while kids played on the very yard Maier was taken from earlier this week.

The mood behind the day's celebration was definitely a positive one.


Dozens of family and friends welcomed four-year-old Alisa Maier home on Thursday.

The 4 year-old was all smiles as she got out of an unmarked police car and was greeted by a throng of family, friends, and media.

Her father David says she appears to be fine and unaffected by her experience.

Maier also credited his 6 year-old son Blake with being the main reason Alisa is safe by being able describe the suspect and the car.