Weightloss on wheels at the roller rink

Members of the Dark River Derby Coalition show off their tone at the rink.

People are losing weight and getting in shape at the roller rink.

Nicole Baker joined Quincy's first women's flat track roller derby league the Dark River Derby Coalition three years ago. She practices hard to skate hard for the team's bi-monthly bouts. And while gaining skills on wheels, she's losing weight. She's dropped 40 pounds so far after joining her roller derby team.

"This is a good way for me to give back to show and help others achieve the goals I've achieved in sports and in life," Baker said.

Others are finding derby skating as a way to tone up. Heather Sommers is a mom to four children, one of which she had after she joined the derby team. Though derby members take the bench during their nine months of pregnancy, she says roller derby got her back to pre-pregnancy shape.

"I bounced right back," Sommers said. "It's such a natural workout."

The derby team holds skating practice three days a week. During those practices they learn how to fall safely and practice strategies to win. Click here to watch a practice from KHQA This Morning.

The 21 team members join up for different reasons, but in the end they're gaining new friends while having fun. The Dark River Derby Coalition is recruiting teammates for the 2014 season. Click here to learn more from KHQA This Morning.

But even if derby isn't your cup of tea, roller skating is an activity that's stood the test of time. Just ask Jeff Scott. His family has owned Scotties Fun Spot for generations.

"It's neat to see kids roller-skating and their faces are kind of pink and rosy and they don't realize that they're actually exercising while their having fun," Scott said.

Scotties is the longest family owned skating rink in the country! Since 1936 three generations have brought family fun that has survived the test of time.

The Dark River Derby Coalition will wrap up its 3rd season Saturday, October 26 with a home bout against So-ILL Roller Girls.

Proceeds from the bout will be donated to Quanada in Quincy.

The whistle kicks off the action at 7 p.m. at Scotties Fun Spot.

Click here to find out how roller derby is played from KHQA This Morning.