Weather affects the Missouri deer population

Last year, about 31,000 deer were harvested in northeast Missouri and 108,000 across the state. And we were wondering how things look for Missouri this year.

Vanessa Alonso, who's with our news partner KTVO, went to the conservation office in Kirksville and learned that this season is looking to be a really good one.

The deer population is looking strong across the northeast Missouri region as more can been seen thanks to the dry weather we've received lately that has caused less crop coverage for the deer to hide.

Matt Wolken, Protection Regional Supervisor of Northeast Missouri Conservation Office said that the weather plays a key factor with the population during hunting season, including the all important opening weekend.

"The majority of the deer is taken during the first two days of the season. Said Wolken. If we have nice weather where the hunters can stay out there, we are going to have a large harvest. If we have rainy or very cold weather, a lot of times it reduces the harvest on opening weekend."

The rules and regulations for deer hunting are remaining the same as last year. Click here to read more from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Missouri TMs firearms deer season begins November 12th and runs through the 22nd.