Weather: A trip back to 1936

No matter how you say it ... it is hot outside. Now imagine this weather without the modern conveniences of today. KHQA's Beau Hicks introduces us to two tri-state residents who lived through weather like this without things like air conditioners and refrigerators.

Temperatures here in the Tri-States over the last couple of months have been near record highs and drought conditions are near record levels as well. But the records that we can't touch come from the 1930s ... in particular 1936.

"Well, it looked like those pictures of the corn that you see there on TV. I noticed it the other night and thought, I've seen that before." Wilma Webb grew up in rural Marion County, Missouri and remembers the years called the "dust bowl" all too well. She was twenty-two, married, with a new baby boy. "It was so hot that you felt so sorry for that baby because he would just be broken out in heat and there was no way you could relieve him," Wilma said. "We did not even have a lot of water because we depended on a well for water and when it doesn't rain then you don't have water."

While the focus of the "Dust Bowl" was well out to the West, dry scenes were common place in the tri-states. An area widely without electricity made the heat of 1936 and the multi year drought almost unbearable.

"Well I can remember going to school and your arms would stick to your papers. You go in from recess and you would just be soaking wet." Bob Koenig was just in grade school in 1936 however, he remembers the days and nights all too well. "You just could not sleep at night, so that turned your day upside down the next day."

"It makes me think, I am happy that I have air conditioning!" Wilma Webb said.

"Your temper was short, but you couldn't do anything about it and when fall came, it was a pretty good day," Bob Koenig said.

I believe fall is a season we are all looking forward to here in the Tri-States and across the Midwest.