WCICIL gets grant to open youth computer lab

After a grant from Best Buy to help with buying the proper software and equipment,

the West Central Illinois Center for Independent Living is now offering a computer lab for those who are physically challenged.

The lab is located at the Center's offices at 3rd and Maine in Quincy.

It now offers laptop computers, along with I-Pads and other equipment.

There's also special software that caters to those people who are disabled.

According to the director of the West Central Illinois Center for Independent Living, Glenda Farkas, she says, "the kids that are in there now, they can come and they just get to play around, they get the experience, they get to in a non restrictive enviornment play on the computer and have fun and it helps bring out a lot in them. Plus it's going to help for their future and their technology skills."

The funding for this computer lab came from federal stimulus money and a grant from the Best Buy Children's Charities