Water treatment plant improvements

Improvements may be coming to Quincy's water treatment plant.

Quincy's water treatment plant was originally built in the 1920s.

After an expansion in the 50s, and another one in the 80s, it's time for another upgrade.


water treatment plant

plays a vital role in the health and well being of this community. But some of the equipment in the plant is past it's prime and in need of repair.

Director of Engineering Jeff Conte

says that the city is in the very early stages of looking at improvements to the facility.

"From the source of water all the way to the disposal of the lime sludge that we have," Conte said. "So really all the treatment processes are basically going to be reviewed and evaluated for future use."

Maintenance Supervisor Adam Barnard says that one of those changes includes replacing a high service water pump.

"We're looking at to replace number 11, it's the oldest one," Barnard said. "I think it was put in in the late 50s, somewhere around, I think the 1957 improvements. And these pumps here, what we call the high service actually pump the water out into the system to the citizens of Quincy."

The Accelerator is another part of the plant that needs to be replaced.

"It's a very critical part of the operation," Barnard said. "Because this is where the softening of the water comes from. We add 3/4 inch pebble lime. It comes into this system here. And we have mixers that turn real slow, that settles the deactivated lime down. Once the water has been softened it enters the building for the rest of the process. Like I said it was put in in '57 and some of the gears, the mixers below are starting to get pretty bad. Eventually we'd like to update this and get it a little more modern."

Once a plan is put together it will need city council approval.

But even with that approval, it may be several years before construction actually begins.