Water symbolizes nurses commitment to care

Most of us don't think about the hands of the nurses who care for us at the hospital or the doctor's office.

But for nurses their hands are the symbols of their commitment to care.

For the 9th year the Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing held it's Commitment to Care ceremony.

More than 300 nursing students and teachers came together to celebrate their profession and the importance of giving their lives in the service of others.

College President Pamela Brown says that she is proud of the commitment these students have made with their lives.

" There's so many choices in the world for people now," says Brown. "This group has chosen, they want to serve others in the most remarkable ways. As a nurse you're there 24/7 so to me it just says something really great about this generation."

The event ended with a solemn ceremony called the " Blessing of the Hands."

Teachers poured water over the hands of the students while saying a blessing to symbolize the importance of the care that they will provides to people throughout their career.