Watch our for that red light!

In Macomb, Illinois, Illinois State Police are reminding drivers to watch out for red lights.

August 7 through August 13 is National Stop on Red Week.

"With traffic crashes being the leading cause of death for children, teens and young adults, it is vitally important for motorists to always obey critical traffic control devices such as stop signs and stoplights" said Trooper Ed Howard, ISP District 14 Safety Education Officer.

Here are some facts about red-light running:

- You or your loved ones are more likely to be injured due to a red-light running related crash than any other type of crash.- Running red lights or other traffic controls is the most common cause of all urban crashes.- Someone runs a red light an average of every 20 minutes at urban intersections.- In the last decade, red-light running crashes killed nearly 9,000 people.- An estimated 165,000 motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians are injured annuallyby red-light runners.- Half of the people killed by red-light runners are not the signal violators; they are passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.- Nearly 93% of drivers believe running a red light is unacceptable, yet 1 in 3 drivers reported doing so in the past 30 days.- There are an average of 7 fatal crashes and over 1,000 injury crashes EVERY DAY at signalized intersections across the United States.- The cost to society of all crashes exceeds $230 billion annually.- The tragedies and costs resulting from red-light running are preventable!

We spoke with Illinois State Police Captain Bob Elliott who is the commander of District #14 in Macomb, he said,"and it's interesting because of the studies. One of the results was "what's the leading excuse?" Why do people do that, is the big question. And the answer in this study was that it wasn't frustration. It wasn't road rage. But they were in a hurry. So again they were in a hurry trying to save time, by taking a risk of their lives and the lives of others."

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