Watch in full: Criticism strikes at Mayoral Candidates Forum

Criticism strikes at Mayoral Candidates Forum.

The League of Women Voters of Adams County hosted the second public mayoral candidate forum Wednesday night.

Watch the forum in its entirety below. If you're on our mobile app, click here to watch.

Both Moore and VanCamp reiterated where they stand on topics like public safety, intergovernmental communication and a balanced budget.

However both candidates held a thread of criticism throughout the evening.

Incumbent Mayor Kyle Moore was criticized for wearing rose-colored glasses and only focusing on positives throughout his first term.

"I see the good in it. I see the work that the men and women in this community do everyday to make it a great place, and that as Mayor, you get to see. So when somebody says that we haven't addressed things that have challenged us, I'd say that's not right," said Moore.

Meanwhile Mayor Moore tells voters "just because my opponent says it, doesn't make it true."

Alderman Jeff VanCamp was called out on multiple occasions for being all talk and no action.

"I don't know where that's coming from. Developing a comprehensive plan for reducing crime in the City of Quincy in the first year? That sounds like a plan to me. Putting together a commission to study how we fund fire and police pensions to come up with some alternatives in case we need them? That sounds like a plan to me," said VanCamp.

With less than three weeks left until election, both candidates agree they've made their positions clear.

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