Warsaw woman in U.S. Marshal custody after drug investigation

A Warsaw woman faces federal drug charges in court Wednesday morning.

According to a Press release Tuesday, Hancock County Sheriff Deputies and Hamilton Police arrested 55-year-old Carol L. Swartz inside a home at 1502 Blondeau Street in Keokuk.

She's now in the custody of U.S Marshals. Police arrested Swartz on a United States Federal Warrant for Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine.

Assisting with the arrest was the United States Marshals and Keokuk Police Department.

Swartz is expected to make a first appearance in Federal Court on May 22, 2013.

Her arrest is part of an ongoing investigation of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine in the Hancock County, Ill. and Lee County, Iowa areas.

Assisting in the investigations are the U.S. Attorneyâ??s Office; McDonough County Sheriffâ??s Office; Hamilton Police Dept.; Lee County Narcotics Task Force; U.S. Marshals; and the Hancock County Stateâ??s Attorneyâ??s Office.