Warsaw without water

A major leak has emptied the water tower and you won't believe how many gallons spilled on Elevator Hill.

Warsaw residents woke up Thursday morning to a not-so-pleasant predicament.

A water main leak left the entire city without water.

Mother Nature was at her worst when in the early morning hours, winds froze and burst a pipe, causing 250,000 gallons of water to spill down Elevator Hill.

Crews even had to light a fire to get the ice off of the manhole cover to turn off the water.

Warsaw Mayor Tiffany Murphy wasn't happy.

"Mother nature is just a witch sometimes," said Murphy.

Despite being without water for upwards of 12 hours, Warsaw residents came together to make sure everyone who needed water, had it.

Casey's General Store wasn't alone in seeing the generosity.

A local bank donated water to them so workers could continue to serve their customers.

Kari Howe is a cashier for Casey's, and says the town pulls together in times of need.

"Warsaw has really come together and pulled together a lot," said Howe. "There's people coming in, and the water was already bought off the shelves, they needed it for their babies. We have people donating the water back, being like "Here, I already bought this but you can have it to take home you know for your children," and just that kind of a thing. We do have a really nice community where everybody kind of pulls together and pulls through and helps each other out."

Murphy credits the quick action on fixing the leak to the crew from the city water plant.

"The boys got on it, and within three hours, you know that's pretty incredible in the weather they had to face at four o'clock this morning," Murphy said. "And their efforts are just incredible. Our water plant people are just incredible."

Although crews expected a 24 hour turn around, all residents had their water back by 3 p.m.

Warsaw Mayor Tiffany Murphy says that a boil order is in effect until further notice and residents are encouraged to use the water.