Warsaw Bicentennial: A walk down memory lane

There was an estimated three-thousand people that attended the bicentennial celebration Saturday.

Warsaw residents are celebrating their city's bicentennial this weekend. But it's more than a big birthday party, for some residents the celebration is a way to turn back time.

"For us it's taking a walk down memory lane," Susie Stotts said. "We've walked these streets since ... we've know each other since kindergarten and went all through school together."

Susie Stotts is talking about her and Jennie Peterson's friendship. They are just two of the 3,000 people that came back to Warsaw to celebrate its bicentennial. And what better way for them to look back at their memories then through a history book.

"The history books are very similar to the ones the wrote in 1962 sesquicentennial," Chad Thompson of the Warsaw Community Coalition said. "We took a lot of history out of the sesquicentennial book and put it in this one."

This year's bicentennial book has history about the city, the city's brewery, and companies that once called Warsaw home. Looking back in those history books interest those of all ages.

"I know my parents and stuff were in there and they know where they came from and everything and they know a little history and it's kind of cool," Trevor Sandidge, an 11-year-old eager to learn about Warsaw's history said.

"It's cool to look a some of this stuff and see the way use to be and I think everyone really enjoys it," Thompson said.

While looking back at history is fun, Stotts and Peterson say it plays an important role in Warsaw's future.

"Keep the town going, keep the history alive," Stotts said.