Warmer weather brings hibernating motorcycles out

May is â??Motorcycle Awareness Monthâ?? in Missouri.

May is â??Motorcycle Awareness Monthâ?? in Missouri.

"Springtime arrives we know that a lot of people are doing a lot of different outdoor activities and certainly this time of year we do see a lot of people riding, beginning to ride their motorcycles," Sergeant Brent Bernhardt, the Public and Information and Education Officer with Troop B of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, said.

Dwight Hibbard, a salesman at Outdoor Power, Inc., knows motorcycles. He says this is the time of year people take their bikes out of storage or begin looking for a new one.

Hibbard's job is sell you the right motorcycle and he does that by determining experience.

"I want to make sure that I am getting them on a bike, where they touch safely,and they feel comfortable on it, and from there you have to decide if they want a bagger, a cruiser,a touring bike, there's different types of bikes and different people, got to figure out which bike they are going to be comfortable on," Hibbard said.

Hibbard says someone's comfort on a bike will also determine their safety.

"There are two parts to safety, there's the part the rider has to do," Hibbard said.

Riders need to make themselves visible for example wearing clothing with reflectors. Also, wearing safety gear like helmets and gloves.

The other part to safety is relying on the other people on the road.

"Making sure that drivers and people in cars and vehicles are watching out for us and that's with techinology these days and everything people are allowed to do in a car, not allowed anymore, that's what we as motorcyclists have to watch for," Hibbard said.

Both Bernhardt and Hibbard agree if everyone does their part, we all will arrive alive.