Warm temperatures mean dangerous lake conditions

Temperatures this winter have been cold, warm, and then cold again.

Warm temperatures might be a nice break from the cold, but it can also be very dangerous.

"The up and down in temperature doesn't bode well for ice to form," says Tri Township Assistant Fire Chief Darren Smith.

Large bodies of water haven't frozen over, but ponds like this do have ice.

"When you're going to go out to a pond, or some place like that, or a lake, to do some ice stuff, let someone know where you're going. So, if they can't get a hold of you or you're late, they know the first place to go look," says Smith.

Also, never go by yourself. You should always take someone with you in case you get in trouble.

"Always wear a life jacket. If you fall through the ice, you're going to have a hard time moving after 3 or 4 minutes so the life jacket is going to keep you above water," says Smith.

Also, you shouldn't go out on the ice if it is less than three inches thick.