Wanted man leads police on chase

Dillon Ellis, 19

A Quincy man is behind bars Friday morning after leading police on a foot chase.

Deputies of the Adams County Sheriffâ??s Office arrested Dillon Ellis on two Adams County felony warrants for escape and petition to revoke probation on an aggravated battery to a police officer case.

The felony escape charge stemmed from failing to return to the Adams County Jail as required on a guilty plea on the aggravated battery to a police officer case.

Deputies assigned to his arrest warrant identified Dillon Ellis at approximately 12th and Elm.

When a deputy tried to arrest him, Ellis ran with deputies right behind him.

After two blocks, officials caught up and arrested him.

He's in the Adams County Jail on two felony warrants.

He was charged with an additional Resisting Police Officer case stemming from his failure to cooperate during the arrest.