Walter Hammond Daycare Center closes for the final time

Children enjoy final days of Walter Hammond Daycare Center in Quincy.

Walter Hammond Daycare Center in Quincy is closing its doors for the last time on Friday.

The program has served the needs of low risk children since 1977.

It closed in 2010 only to reopen two years later.

Director April Almazan says that low enrollment mixed with high overhead forced the board to close the facility permanently.

"Our overhead costs exceeds what revenue we bring in," Almazan said. "We needed about 30 full time or 50 part time students and we are only at 20 students with a mixture of some part time and full time."

For longtime teacher and volunteer Tammy Brown the closing is bittersweet.

"I hate to see this daycare close again," Brown said. "Because I was so excited when we reopened. I feel that the community needs us. We teach things here that they will never learn anywhere."

Brown says that although the kids are really young they have been able to pick up a lot of special skills.

"I have two or three five-year-old girls who can recognize letters of the alphabet even if they're not in order," Brown said. "Most of them can sign as I am doing it. We teach spanish. They know how to count to three in Chinese even. They're never gonna get those things anywhere else."

April Almazan says that the loss of the daycare will affect the community.

"It's gonna be a huge loss for the community," Almazan said. "Because once we close on Friday we will not re-open again. So this community has lost a viable daycare in this community."

Once the daycare closes on Friday, the building and all its contents will be sold to pay off any outstanding debts.