Walking pneumonia going around

(Quincy, Ill.) KHQA recently was told there has been a lot of bronchitis and pneumonia going around.

We checked in with some area hospitals to find out more for this KHQA FactFinder Report.

Doctor Tim Jacobs at Quincy Medical Group says he has been seeing a lot of cases of walking pneumonia.

He says most of those cases have been in teenagers.

Jacobs told KHQA he feels basketball games are a great place for this germ to spread because gyms are warm and people are standing close to each other.

But he says as the weather continues to warm up, things should get back to normal.

"I think one thing thats going to help is," said Jacobs, "once the weather gets nice we can open up the houses, kind of air them out and people can get outside. It seems when the weather finally breaks and stops going back and forth people get a little bit healthier."

We also checked in with the Hannibal Clinic and Keokuk Area Hospital.

Hannibal has been seeing more bronchitis, normally in younger children and the elderly.

Keokuk has seen the same trend of walking pneumonia as Quincy, but it has been mostly in older patients.

Doctor Tim Jacobs of QMG's Amublatory Care says the best thing to do is just stick to the common sense things we've always been taught to do.

Get enough rest and drink plenty of fluids.

If you start feeling sick make sure your washing your hands very good and stay away from others.

Jacobs says if symptoms continue for a few days, then its time to get into the doctor.

Jacobs said there was not a big flu season this year as a lot more people got flu shots.

But he said there are still other things out there that can be just as contagious and dangerous.