Walking great distances to create big differences fighting cancer

Michael Ross and George Crawford created the Walk Across America for a Cure.

A group of nationally known dwellers are making their way through the Tri-States this week.

Michael Ross and George Crawford created the Walk Across America for a Cure.

It involves more than just raising money.

The walk began when George Crawford and Michael Ross decided to embark on an adventure when joining the marines.

"It was a pretty simple story. I told Mike that I was moving to California when we enlisted in the marines. So we had a couple months until our ship date, so he said why not just walk there? And we researched it and it seemed pretty possible," Crawford said.

The goal of this walk is to raise awareness and funding for the Livestrong Organization.

They started in Connecticut on April 21st and plan to make it to Huntington Beach California by February.

The group relies on the helpfulness of others to get by and Tri-States residents have shown a great amount of support so far.

"When we started this trip we didn't have a lot of funding for ourselves. In these three towns alone, I would say we raised more money for Livestrong than we have in the last two states," Ross said.

You can follow their adventures online, although they like to surprise whoever they visit.

"We don't let people know ahead of time. It's really spontaneous. We don't have a route planned out. So when people hear about us it's just from through the grapevine. They find out through Facebook or something like that, and these last couple towns have really been phenomenal," Crawford said.

The Livestrong Organization helps families that recently are affected by cancer.

"What they do is they give people the resources that they need to when you get cancer. They get you a guide the moment you get cancer you call them. They walk you through the whole process. They will give you free counseling and emotional support. Direct you to support groups. Give you rest, treatment, and help with having kids," Crawford said.

They will travel along Highway 24 all the way to Kansas City, Missouri.

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