Vote on hydro bonds likely to be delayed

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      The Quincy City Council agreed with a speaker Monday night to allow more public education and comment on a proposed $10.2 million dollar bond issue.

      It would pay for the next phase of the city's proposed hydroelectric power project.

      F ormer alderman K en S parrow asked the council for a public hearing to give voters more information about the hydro project, potential risks and benefits.

      T he bond ordinance had its second reading Monday.

      S parrow offered a petition calling for a hearing, which had about 150 signatures.

      A ldermen agreed, and set next M onday at 6 p.m. for the session.

      It will include representatives for all aspects of the hydro project, as well as for the library and civic center bond ordinances also under consideration.

      T he actual vote will likely be delayed to A ugust 24th to allow for public feedback.