Volunteers working to open East Pike Lending Library

It's not too often you hear about a town of a hundred people deciding they want to open a library.

But that's exactly what's happening in Pike County Illinois.

I t didn't take much convincing for Susan Jump to get the ball rolling to get the East Pike Lending Library ready to serve adults and children from throughout the area.

D etroit Illinois sits along Highway 106 . A couple of churches, a few houses and an old brick two story building at the corner of Main Street and Milton. That old building has seen it days and now Susan Jump and some others want to see it serve the community for a few more years. Seeing it become a library for anyone to enjoy.

" We have a lot of children in town and this library will be free for everyone young and old. The surrounding communities will have access to it, it doesn't matter where you live, you can still come and get a back," Jump said.

Jump and her fellow volunteers have plenty of work ahead of them. Stacking books that have been donated, sealing a brick wall and even having to scrap paint off the ceiling. But for the people who are helping and donating their time, it's well worth the vision they have when the job is finally completed.

" Because I like to read and my grand children like to read and it's going to help everybody. I think everybody is going to really surprised by it," library volunteer NaNa Meddings said.

Jump said there won't be a cost associated with checking out materials. And she said right now, they're depending solely on donations and fund raisers.

"E veryone has been very supportive, very positive," Jump said.

And she hopes that support will come through so that the East Pike Lending Library will have Christmas a few months early.

For more information you can contact Jump at 217-370-5995