Volunteers join in search for missing boater at Mark Twain Lake

Volunteers join in search for missing boater at Mark Twain Lake

The search for a missing man is still underway at Mark Twain Lake.

Terry Marshall disappeared while hunting for mushrooms on Tuesday.

Since then, law enforcement officials have tirelessly searched the lake for any sign of Marshall.

Now, more volunteers are joining the search.

Every one of Terry Marshall's family and friends believe they'll find him soon.

"There's nobody going to give up, and I honestly believe the more information that gets out there, the more resources and the more people that are going to come and look," Terry Marshall TMs Nephew Tim Morgan said.

Many people have volunteered their time to join in the rigorous search.

"The local officials, you know, have been out. We've had someone volunteer an airplane to search over the area and he was out one day. We've had. We have had four-wheelers show up, Terry Marshall TMs Step-Daughter Gina Scott said. We've had some people on horses show up to help look. The Quincy Adams County Emergency Volunteer Corp, they showed up yesterday when we needed them the most. Well, the state officials have reduced their search to surface only."

Even Marshall's co-workers have joined in the search.

"The people that Terry worked with at Northeast Missouri Correctional Center have taken their time and no matter what. Even, if they're in trouble with their job or they lose their pay, they're out here searching every day," Scott said.

So far, the search has been conducted on the lake.

But some volunteers have moved their search to the nearby woods.

"We're going to do some land searches on the other side of the river. Come in from center, we have ATVs, razors, Morgan said. We're going to do some walking and pretty much go to the other side of the river."

Marshall's family members believe he's alive and they hope to be reunited with him soon.

"Nobody is going to quit on this deal," Morgan said.

More than nine Illinois and Missouri boat owners volunteered their vehicles to help with Sunday's search.

The search will continue on Monday.