Vietnam veterans reunite after 45 years

Veterans from the 126th Supply and Service Company took a walk down memory lane Saturday.

They gathered at the Cedar Creek Country Club for the 45th Anniversary Reunion since being stationed in Vietnam.

This company was a part of the Illinois National Guard.

They were stationed in Vietnam for a year, and all made it back safely.

Every five years, they get together to remember the past and catch up with each other.

"They are getting to revisit people, to see faces they haven't seen for a long time., " Bill Waters, Co-Chairman of the reunion said. "We got people coming here from Georgia, from Virginia, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa."

Around 130 people attended Saturday night's event.

The night consisted of dinner, lessons about what benefits they receive, and a presentation from one of their own who traveled to Vietnam on vacation, and wanted to show the company what it looks like now.

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