Video gambling ordinance gets second reading

An ordinance to allow video gambling machines in Quincy bars and other businesses went up for a second reading by the City Council Monday night.

The aldermen heard impassioned pleas for and against allowing video gambling in Quincy.

Many of the speakers were concerned about the long term moral damage that they say gambling brings to a community.

But Don Heck of Heck Gaming says that there are a lot of misconceptions about these machines and their effect on a community.

And as a lifelong resident of the city, he would not do anything that he thought would damage the quality of life in this community.

He says there could be some benefits to the community that most people have not thought of.

"These people that are coming in are going to be going to these places where they are going to be spending money," Heck said. "There's going to be sales tax revenue from the food, from the beverages from any number of things over and above the five percent."

The council will vote on the measure later this month.