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      Victims won't snitch; New Year's Day shooting suspect walks

      Antonio Edwards

      An Adams County prosecutor dropped its case against a man charged in a New Year??s Day shooting in Quincy.

      The trial was scheduled to begin Monday for Antonio Edwards, 29, who was charged with shooting two men about 4:30 a.m. in the 600 block of College Street.

      Assistant State??s Attorney Gary Farha said subpoenas were issued to two victims who no longer reside in the Quincy area. It??s believed the two men returned to Chicago.

      The charges were dismissed without prejudice meaning prosecutors can refile charges against Edwards if investigators are able to locate the victims. Farha said an effort is underway to locate the victims.

      Asked whether the State??s Attorney??s Office is concerned that Edwards would also leave the Quincy area, Farha said, ??That wouldn??t be the worst thing for our community.??

      Edwards was released from custody Wednesday. He remained in the Adams County Jail since in Jan. 3 arrest.