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      Veterans honored at Hannibal service

      Youâ??d think it would take a lot of cookies to raise $900 at a small school bake sale. For the students and families at Holy Family School in Hannibal, dessert had very little to do with the success of the fundraiser. It was all about supporting our veterans.

      On Tuesday, Holy Family celebrated Catholic Schools Week by presenting a $900 check to support the Great River Honor Flight . In the last few years, the Honor Flight has sent about 300 local veterans to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. (see related story). Middle school aged children who belong to a service group, Kids Who Care, came up with the bake sale idea.

      From ages 5 to 14, the students gave a heartfelt standing ovation to the veterans who attended a special church service in their honor. The children then sang â?? American Tears .â??

      â??For the heroes. For the patriots. For the soldiers. For all the pioneers.

      I will always be an American.

      And I will always shed American tears.â??

      The veterans, who gave so much to our country, then gave a standing ovation to the children who recognize the importance of their service.