Veteran remembers, but rarely talks about his war years

WW II Veteran Charles Tewell lost 62% of his army company in the South Pacific.

You can take a quick look at 89-year-old Charlie Tewell and see that heâ??s not a man given to emotional displays. But mention his

Honor Flight

to Washington D.C. to see the World War II Memorial, and it immediately brings the shine of tears to his eyes.

â??It was wonderful, something Iâ??ll never forget,â?? Tewell told me after a service honoring veterans at

Holy Family School

in Hannibal. â??It makes my eyes swell up and the tears come back.â??

Like many of his fellow veterans, Tewell doesnâ??t talk a lot about his

time in the Army

. He says he gets together with the soldiers he served with once a year, and thatâ??s the only time heâ??ll allow his memory to wander back to those days.

Tewell served three years in the South Pacific as an Infantryman. He came home with a chest pinned full of medals, including the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. Itâ??s not the medals he gained, but the friends he lost that he remembers.

One particular battle lasted 15 days with Tewell and his friends taking heavy fire. The losses were enormous. 62-percent of Tewellâ??s fellow members of the L-company didnâ??t make it home.

When people show their gratitude for his service in the war, Tewell turns speechless. â??I just donâ??t know what to say. I mean, I appreciate it, but it was something I had to do.â??