Verizon patents DVR to watch you watching TV

The DVR comes equipped with a camera and mic that gathers information about your TV habits.

"Big Brother" will be watching ... if you let him.

That's because Verizon Wireless has patented a new DVR that tracks not only what you watch, but what you're doing.

Basically they want to watch you while you watch!

According to


, the DVR comes equipped with a camera and microphone that gathers information about your television viewing habits to be shared with advertisers. The camera can detect how many people are watching the TV, what products they are using and even what's being said in the room.

Verizon says the DVR would help customize ads to each customer, but the results are a little more than unnerving. For example, if you're fighting with your spouse, you may later see a commercial for couple's counseling, WebProNews reports.

Verizon notes customers would not be be part of this precision marketing campaign unless and until they opt-in.



Elizabeth Reed

contributed to this story.

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