Venvertloh reaches out to students through reading

Venvertloh immediately sat down with some of her students to pick out the books they wanted.

Another teacher now has the funds to make her classroom a little brighter.

KHQA and our sponsors, Continental Cement, Green America Recycling and Titan International, awarded one thousand dollars to this month's One Class At A Time recipient.

This month's recipient is St. Peter School third grade teacher Jill Venvertloh.

If you take a step inside Jill Venvertloh's classroom, some of her student's favorite things to do is reading.

So it seemed fitting for her to use her One Class at a Time money to buy books.

And it didn't take her long to figure out which ones to buy.

Venertloh immediately sat down with some of her students to pick out the books they wanted.

Her students, she says, are her inspiration.

"What I do is for my kids ," Venertloh said. " And this year when we started and I saw the need that the kids wanted, I want to do it for the kids and so winning it, the kids are just as excited as I am."

And that's not an understatement. When Ada Kurk found out Venvertloh had won, she had this reaction.

"I wa nted to scream," Kurk said.

Kurk says being in that classroom is the best, all because of Venvertloh.

"She's so sweet, and she just helps me with everything ," Kurk said.

After teaching for four years, Venvertloh feels the best part is seeing the progress her students make.

"The 'ah ha' moments, the things that click, seeing the kids getting things and watching them grow ," Venertloh said. " Just seeing from where they were at the beginning of the year until now, it just, it melts my heart, because they've just come so far."

With new books coming, Venvertloh is excited to see how this helps her students grow.

Click here for the application to be a part of the One Class At A Time project. The next recipient will be chosen when school is back in session after summer break.