Vegas night at Quincy University

All the excitement of Las Vegas ... without all the travel.

That's what people found Friday night as the Q.U. Lady Hawks hosted Vegas Night at Quincy University's Pepsi Arena.

Game players could try their luck at craps, roulette, black jack, or take a chance in the money machine or even mouse racing.

Q.U. Women's head basketball coach Jeni Garber was proud of all the hard work the team put into make tonight such a success.

"They did a good job of going out and trying to promote it and talking to their families. And a lot of their families are here, so that's a good thing. Since it's been going on they're pretty excited down there and getting involved and doing a good job," Garber said.

The money raised from Friday night's event will go towards the teams trip to Florida next year.

That trip will cost about $15,000.