Vast majority of Quincy rental properties go uninspected

According to the most recent census, there are over 6,000 rental units in Quincy.

The city of Quincy does not annually inspect rental properties.That means a property can be rented and not be up to code.

According to the most recent census, there are over 6,000 rental units in Quincy.

â??We are kind of unique in the size of the community we have, not having any type of rental inspection programs,â?? Michael Seaver, Building Inspector for the city of Quincy said.

Rental property inspections fall under the city's planning and development department.

Seaver says his department receives several dozen complaints a year. He also says his department receives less than it should.

â??I think a lot of it is that they are not reporting this, that's definitely it kind of a subjective thing, I think we do have a lot of bad rental properties out there we see them all the time when we are called for those complaints and just based on the number that we've seen, we have to believe there are more out there just like them or possibly worse," Seaver says.

Sometimes he gets called in by another agency. Within the past week, several families were displaced by a gas leak. However, the fire department found other problems with the structure and it was deemed inhabitable.

And that sometimes presents a new problem, new homelessness.

While the city has local codes and ordinances that rental properties fall under, they are not strictly enforced, again, because they are complaint driven.

He also says renters should know their rights and avoid a few simple mistakes.

â??Definitely want to look at the property before you move in, if an ... if anything, that's a common thread that we see in these properties, is that the tenant says we didn't look at it, another common mistake, they see things that are wrong, not correct, landlord gives them an assurance that they will take care of it in a certain amount of time and that never gets done,â?? Seaver says.

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