USPS: No delivery until "Moose" the pit bull goes

Moose is a 120 pound pit bull.

Mail delivery came to a halt in one Hannibal neighborhood this past week due to a postal worker's fear of a pit bull.

Moose is a 120 pound pit bull who lives in the 5000 block of College Avenue.

Complaints from neighbors and postal workers about Moose's aggressive behavior resulted in an official suspension of mail delivery in the neighborhood.

The dog's owner, David Taylor, disagreed with the decision.

"Oh he's fine. He is either laying on the couch or laying on the bed,â?? he said. â??He goes to barking when somebody comes by or the mail man goes by, so you know you are getting your mail.â??

Taylor said he was unaware his dog wasn't on his leash in the most recent incident.

"Moose got out and we didn't know about it and he chased the mail lady down the street," he said.

The incident spurred a series of letters to the Taylors asking them to keep Moose within the house from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. so that carriers could deliver mail. Taylor said he complied.

â??I had thought I had followed the rules because I was following the city of Hannibal leash law," Taylor said.

The U.S. Postal Service said they were denying the entire 5000 block of College Avenue mail delivery service until the dog was removed from the mailing route. The agency said that failed efforts to get Mr. Taylor to comply with their orders and their safety of their carriers as the main concern.

Taylor says the neighbors who know Moose aren't taking it very well.

â??They are upset with the post office because they know Moose wouldn't hurt them,â?? Taylor said.

Taylor's wife Kristi said that regardless of the situation she loves Moose and will stand by his side.

â??He makes me feel safe,â?? she said. â??I know he won't bite anybody or hurt anybody, but the growl will scare them.â??

David Taylor says he feels the post office is giving him the run around and has treated him unfairly. He says he hates that his neighbors are now going without mail delivery.

"I'm here to work with the post office if I just know the rules beforehand,â?? he said. â??But if they change the rules and have their own rules that trump the city rules and don't inform you that their rules trump the city rules, its nice to know that beforehand.â??

Taylor said that Hannibal's animal control came to his home and noted that he needed to have a heavier leash for Moose.

Taylor says he won't get rid of his dog and will continue to work with the post office to resolve the matter.